Gecko Studios

Gecko has recently upgraded to the latest Station Plus system from Fairlight Australia based around the revolutionary CC-1 card and a Fairlight SX-48 interface. This is complemented by a 3 bay Fairlight Constellation XT console. As well as sounding superb, the Fairlight system provides the studio with the latest in recording technology. The new system provides greater compatibility and faster transfer times to assist operators and performers make the best use of their time and material. Alongside the recorder, an impressive array of vintage and modern outboard gear is available to complement and enhance the soundscape.

  • Telefunken V76, V72, Neve, Amek, Sebatron & TC Electronic Mic Pres
  • Neve, DBX, Fairlight & Amek compressors
  • Neumann U67, Neumann m149, RCA BK-5, Sennheiser, AKG & Schoeps mics
  • Lexicon, Eventide, Roland & Yamaha reverb & delays
  • A superb range of vintage acoustic and electric guitars, amps and effects available
  • Sony professional CD mastering
  • Pro tools system available for transfers
  • Kurzweil K2500 piano/synth/sequencer